For any business, the customer is the king and the employees are the soldiers making every single demand positive and possible to the customer. So a business has to first take care of its employees before obliging to the end-users for it is these employees who meticulously do the job of taking the business to the customers.

How do businesses honor the work of the employees? Obviously, in the form of salaries and bonuses. Every employee has the right to demand money for whatever work has been delivered by him. But what if an employee quits or is laid off from the company? Are there any special rules for them in paying their monthly income? Yes, there is one for the people of California and we call it the final paycheck law in California. It is assumed that California is one of the best and safest places for employees with excellent employee laws.

Final paycheck law

If an employee quits or if he is fired for some reason, he has all rights to demand his pay until that day to be paid on the same day i.e. his last working day. And the employer is bound to abide by this for it is a right-royal right given to each and every employee in California. Some employees give a notice to the employer with a time period before which the final payment has to be settled which otherwise goes through the penalty clause. This clause says that for every single day of delay by the employer, the employee will become eligible for a day`s salary for the number of days delayed. This way he keeps a check on the company to be fast and swift in the process. The final pay should include all the accrued amount, leaves saved and others that were promised to the employee at the time of his or her joining.