$70,000 – $115,000



  • Shotfirer
  • Drill and Blast Engineer

Job profile

A Shotfirer in the minerals industry assembles, positions and detonates explosives at mining sites to dislodge rock or soil.

Shotfirers in the minerals industry may perform the following tasks:

  • Inspect blasting areas and ensures observance of safety regulations.
  • Cut channels under working faces.
  • Check bore-hole depths and clean holes.
  • Place explosives into position.
  • Assemble primers using detonators and explosive cartridges, and attaches wires, fuses or detonating cords.
  • Tests electrical circuits and repairs malfunctions.
  • Ensures all explosives are detonated and declares areas safe.

A Shotfirer would suit someone who:

  • Enjoys practical and manual activities.
  • Is willing to adhere to strict safety requirements.
  • Is physically fit.
  • Can pass a medical examination.
  • Is able to work in confined spaces, including underground.
  • Has basic skills in mathematics and science.
  • Can pass a police check.


The entry requirement for a Shotfirer is an AQF Certificate II or higher qualification or at least 1 years relevant experience. Registration or licensing may be required.

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