The first thing that you need to make sure when making the editable fake doctors note are available template is to not try to be absolutely perfect. In fact it will shock you to know that most of the insurance companies send the too perfect looking doctors template to their fraud department in order to check and make sure that the records are real.

The office of the specialists is a busy place and in most clinics the doctor may be able to give you not more than fifteen minutes of his time. So in order to make your template look real do not make it very perfect.

The main impression when making a fake doctors note is to make it look like someone actually dashed it out. It should not look like someone who has taken hours to make the note. Some time is fine but lots of time on it makes it look unreal. It should give an impression that it is made by a person who is too busy.

Medical clinics are not in the business of making the perfect looking paper work. In fact they are there to give medical aids to patients. The records that they have will not be judged to have the perfect punctuation or the perfect margin. So when you make a fake document ensure that you keep this in mind and do not try to apply the correct grammar that you had learnt in school. The information that is on the medical paper needs to be readable and useful but not pretty.

Also take care that you do not have a white out on the medical paper. Either make a mark or start over it in case you have made a mistake. When you see any real medical records, you will notice that they accept the mistake and correct it instead of making a white out over it. If it is white out it will look fishy.