Employment, career, work, are all that we look forward from our children when it comes to being a successful person! To us as parents, that is the reality and hence, yes it is important to teach our children about employment. When the word employment strikes in the first thing to teach are the importance of money. Not every kid would understand and judge all that money can do. Until a certain age, kids are prone only to play, eat and follow instructions. But when the need arises, we should teach them about money.

Money is a well-associated word with employment. The first thing we can tell our children about it is that employment is needed to earn money which is in turn needed to fulfill all our requirements in life. ‘Life’ of course is a big word for the young mind, but as parents, we can have it said in a simple manner by enacting a story. Employment should be taught as a part of life at every phase in the child’s growth. Here are a few things to consider while teaching about employment:

  1. Goal: what is that your child wants to do in future? Enacting roles may make your child want to become a doctor, a pilot etc. but it is important for the parent to understand what the child can do and help set a goal. But make sure, you don’t dump your feelings on the child. It should come out as a self-realization.
  2. Area of interest: At a certain age, say at 10 years old, every child will showcase some talent to which he/she is more inclined to. Employment can be decided based on the talent and hence, it is important to know the interest and help your child chose wisely. In the world of competition, it is important to choose at this age and go ahead in the right direction considering the various preparations to have a successful career ahead.
  3. Satisfaction: Lastly, make sure that in the course of preparing, your child is happy and satisfied with what is being done. The most important goal is only then achieved.