The period when the dog is extremely receptive to mating is called the estrus. The estrus is marked with the swelling of the female dog’s vulva and also other signs such as bleeding or a discharge from therein. The female dog may also have mood irritability or extreme alertness and nervousness exhibited during its estrus phase.

This phase is also called as staying in heat in the common parlance. The question that how long a dog stays in heat is one that is often asked and therefore it is important that before the dog owner or a new breeder undertakes to adopt or breed a female dog, he or she must take the initiative to educate themselves and to make it a point to understand the nuances and the sensitivity of the period for the female dogs.

How long does a dog stay in heat?

A female dog stays in heat for two to four weeks. The owner of the dog may tell that the dog is experiencing heat from a lot of determinants and previous experiences if any. It is during this period that the female dog presents itself to its prospective mate and usually by lifting its rump and symbolically tilting its tail on to one side.

When does estrus start in dogs?

In small female dog breeds, estrus may start as early as when they are four months old and it has been noticed that the bigger breed of the dogs do not stay in heat unless and until they are almost close to two years old. It is recommended strongly to not allow the female dog to mate in their first and the second cycle because they are not quite ready with their eggs. However, it has also been noticed that female dogs generally are not open to the mating in their first couple of estrus.…