I had reached the point in my life when I was basically getting through the day just completing my chores and following a fixed routine. I woke up one morning realising that I was neither learning anything new nor was I excited about what I was doing. While it was still a job that I loved and a passion in my field, I was not looking forward to it as much as I should have.

Not everyone gets their dream job. I was one of the few lucky ones. When I realised how mundane my life had become I felt I should do something about it. I am a writer and editor by profession. I was at the same desk working freelance for the same companies striving to get through the day and ensuring that all my deadlines were met.

That was when I made the call to cut down on one of my freelance jobs and spare the time to learn a new facet of my field. The best advice I was given at this point was to enhance my knowledge. I strongly recommend that if you want to learn something new, specialize in your field or look better in your position, you should advance your career by going back to college.

Today, I have learned about digital marketing as well as promoting my personal writing on the social media platform. Not only have I managed to create a brand out of myself, I am feeling good that I am still working on my dream and not taking what I have for granted. The ability to continuously study where you are and take a call regularly is essential to your existence. Otherwise you are just a robot doing as you have been all your life. Your life is in your hands.…