Top Educational Toys

Children are a big source of knowledge and entertainment. They are like wet clay and you can mould them into anything you want. They know nothing and learn everything from the adults and their surroundings.

Today, people have realized a child has to learn in addition to going to school or playing at home and having fun. Toys are designed in such a ways that they are addictively entertaining as well as highly educational too. As a result, children these days learn a lot as they play.

Wondering what educational toys to get for your child? Here are a few ideas:


These are always educational and fun. No matter how old the child is, she will find it challenging and interesting. There are different puzzles for different age groups and also based on different interests. Pick one your child can relate to or will enjoy and watch them learn and have fun at the same time.

These are a great option for kids of any age as it inculcated concentration and focus. These are some of the important factors one requires to succeed in life and develop overall. When you buy your child or another child a puzzle, it is a toy to their eyes but you know how it adds value to the child.

Activity Toys

There are a variety of activity based toys you can buy for a child. Building blocks, stacking toys, pretend play sets, board games, etc. You can even get them musical instruments. These are a lot of fun for the kids and help them understand music and their preferences. This could also help in identifying a natural gift in a child.

Flashlights can be a great source of fun for the kids. You would generally use a flashlight to keep you out of the dark, but a child will find immense joy in seeing the light beams bouncing off the walls and other surfaces. When the flashlight beam hits the water, it is different from when it hits a wall. A child can explore all this, on his own.…

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Why I decided to go back to school

I had reached the point in my life when I was basically getting through the day just completing my chores and following a fixed routine. I woke up one morning realising that I was neither learning anything new nor was I excited about what I was doing. While it was still a job that I loved and a passion in my field, I was not looking forward to it as much as I should have.

Not everyone gets their dream job. I was one of the few lucky ones. When I realised how mundane my life had become I felt I should do something about it. I am a writer and editor by profession. I was at the same desk working freelance for the same companies striving to get through the day and ensuring that all my deadlines were met.

That was when I made the call to cut down on one of my freelance jobs and spare the time to learn a new facet of my field. The best advice I was given at this point was to enhance my knowledge. I strongly recommend that if you want to learn something new, specialize in your field or look better in your position, you should advance your career by going back to college.

Today, I have learned about digital marketing as well as promoting my personal writing on the social media platform. Not only have I managed to create a brand out of myself, I am feeling good that I am still working on my dream and not taking what I have for granted. The ability to continuously study where you are and take a call regularly is essential to your existence. Otherwise you are just a robot doing as you have been all your life. Your life is in your hands.…

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How to get into college of your dreams?

Getting a college of your dreams might not always be easy. And choosing an institution would be one of the most crucial decisions of your life. This life changing decision would be taken after weighing all the options carefully. There are some who have their dream university in mind right from their junior years and there are others who start making their list just a year in advance. Irrespective of the group to which you belong, here are some tips to help you get into a institution of your dreams:

You have your benefits if you are an AP student

People who take their decisions seriously often take the AP classes. These are not just great for preparing for university but also act as ways to portray to your favorite college that you have taken the preparation seriously. Scoring high in these classes would make things simpler. But simply attending them gives you a competitive edge.

Resume preparation should not be ignored

Put together a great resume. Not something that is long and boring but something that is precise and clear. You could even get the help of your parents or teachers to get the resume prepared to get an idea about what to include and what not to include.

Teachers and tutors play an important role

The internet would have a lot of information about preparing for the exams and getting to know about the colleges. But nothing beats the practical knowledge that your teachers and tutors can share, the knowledge that they have gathered from their experience. They would also help you understand your strong and weak areas. So, you would be able to start ahead and add extra coaching if required to strengthen those areas as well. If you need a math tutor go here to find the best options.…

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